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Scope Of Services
Market Research 

Discover and analyze potential products with features and pricing that best-fit specific marketplaces by understanding the market demand.

Listing Creation 

Build a solid foundation for your e-commerce enterprise by creating listings, which is localized, professional, accurate and entertaining; to present your products, impress your customers and grow your business.

Logistics & Fulfillment 

Manage and deliver your products with an established logistics network and warehouses across the US, EU & SEA countries.

Customer Service 

Aid your customer's inquiries with local-speaking agents to deliver a positive shopping experience and gain customers loyalty.

Value-Added Services 

Additional services that can benefit your e-commerce business, such as product photography, image retouch, translation, webpage product catalog, etc.

Marketing & Advertising

Monitor your sales and marketing performance and provide up-to-date trends for your upcoming strategic plan in growing your e-commerce business.